2020 Topps WWE Fully Loaded Hobby Box


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Each Box contains a rare encased Autograph or an Autograph Relic!

New to the Topps portfolio, 2020 Topps WWE Fully Loaded will provide new and exciting autographs and autograph relics never before featured in product.

Collect pieces of WWE history within every box!


Autographed Relic Cards:

Autographed Relic cards will contain on-card signatures and event-used relics from premier WWE Superstars!

Autographed Chair Relic Cards: Featuring authentic, event-used chair relics.

Autographed Table Relic Cards: Featuring authentic, event-used table relics.

Autographed Ladder Relic Cards: Featuring authentic, event-used ladder relics.

Autographed Turnbuckle Relic Cards:

Featuring authentic, event-used turnbuckle pad relics.

Vince McMahon Autograph Card:

Look out for extremely rare Vince McMahon on-card autographs!

1 Encased Auto/Auto Relic Per Box

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Dimensions 30 × 18 × 5 cm


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