2020 Upper Deck Marvel Masterpieces Hobby Box

Each 2020 Upper Deck Marvel Masterpieces Hobby Box contains 12 packs with 3 cards in every pack!

2020 Marvel Masterpieces returns with all new original artwork by award-winning fantasy artist, Dave Palumbo. Years were spent researching, gathering references, and planning compositions to create the 135 oil paintings published in the iconic Marvel trading card set.

Acclaimed illustrator, Dave Palumbo, known for his dark, atmospheric style, has had his artwork published in prestigious games, comics, magazines, and books. His fine art paintings have also shown in galleries worldwide.

Palumbo has a personal connection with Marvel Masterpieces as well – his mother, Julie Bell and stepfather, Boris Vallejo, created artwork for the 1996 Marvel Masterpieces set.

Original Paintings and Original Preliminary Art from Dave Palumbo are randomly placed as redemptions in the set! Look for a rare chance to own a 1-of-1 piece of comic art and trading card history!

The beloved Preliminary Art Variant returns. See Dave’s progress art from the set combined with exclusive artist insight!

All New Metallurgy Metal Cards!

1 Original Art Sketch Card per Box! (On Average)

PACK HITS (On Average)

  • 1 Base Card – All Base Cards serial numbered with 4 different tiers of rarity!
  • 2 Premium Insert or Parallel Cards

BOX HITS (On Average)

  • 1 Original Art Sketch Card
  • 1 Canvas Gallery
  • 1 Battle Spectra
  • 1 Holofoil Design
  • 1 Preliminary Art Variant

CASE HITS (On Average)

  • 1-2 Dave Palumbo Autographed Parallel Cards
  • 1 Mirage Lenticular Card


  • Canvas Gallery Variants
  • 1-of-1 Sketch Cards by Dave Palumbo
  • Battle Spectra Gem Parallels
  • Holofoil Parallels
  • Uncut Sheets Redemptions
  • Red Spectrum Foil Base Set Parallels
  • Redemptions for Original Paintings, Preliminary Art Pieces, or Comic Book Sketch Covers by Dave Palumbo!

2020 Upper Deck Marvel Masterpieces Hobby Box

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